Last Starfighter with Cast & Crew Reunion

I am a life-long “Last Starfighter” fan and was very excited to attend a special 25th Anniversary screening tonight at the Aero Theatre with cast and crew.

It was an amusing night.  First, they showed the film and, I have to admit, it has some corny parts to it when seen up on a big screen.  Yes, some parts still ring as genuine since they did have some good actors all around the cast.

Afterwards, there was a massive Q&A with some cast and crew.  Sadly, the Last Starfighter himself, Lance Guest, couldn’t be there due to a play he’s in conflicting  However,  his wife and son where there in his place.  Mary Catherine Stewart – who played the girlfriend – was loitering around the theatre lobby with a producer and the director before it started.  She looked great and was very friendly to the fans.

A video of some highlights:


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