Web Development

A showcase of past web development projects from Studio Remarkable.

Studio Remarkable Portfolio: Version 2 (August 7, 2008)


A simplified, later iteration of the Studio Remarkable site as a multimedia portfolio:


Dan’s Page: Version 5 (July 1, 2006)


A screen shot of how the fifth iteration of my web page appeared:


Studio Remarkable Portfolio (April 23, 2005)


The first iteration of the Studio Remarkable brand:

Here is the design for an animation on the site’s menu that I ended up not using.



Good Day Guarantee (January 25, 2005)


A CD cover that I created for my friend:


On PATH (August 4, 2004)


My friend had me create a small website to help him raise money for the PATH organization while he runs this year’s Twin Cities Marathon.  Here are some of the site’s materials.

Motivation: I am running the Twin Cities Marathon to support the incredible work that is being done at PATH, Inc. A non-profit organization since 1972, PATH provides training, resources, and support to foster parents of special needs children. Concentrating on a personalized care approach, PATH has helped over 20,000 children overcome instability obstacles and instill hope of future successes.

$25 could buy a duffel bag for a child who arrives with a garbage bag
with their belongings

$50 could purchase a winter coat for a child who comes into our care
without one

$100 could buy positive parenting educational resources for families
at-risk of having their children placed in foster care

$150 could help cover the cost of senior pictures for a youth graduating
from high school

$250 could allow a child to attend their first summer camp experience
where they learn self-respect, responsibility, build their self-esteem
and make their first friends who don’t know them only as a ‘foster

$350 could cover the cost of an 18 year old leaving care to receive a Stepping Stones grant to help cover the costs of moving into their first

Please help me cross the finish line on October 3rd by supporting PATH, Inc. with your pledge today.

Here is a screenshot of the website that I created for him:

Academic Writings Website (April 11, 2004)

I created a new site over the weekend containing a number of past academic papers. Here is a screenshot of the Flash-based menu:


Application Portfoliio (January 3, 2004)


Here are some items from a Portfolio page that I’ve been using for a couple of graduate school applications

This is the inside of the DVD case that I mailed the portfolio CD in. It has a table of contents.


Dan’s Page: Version 4 (August 8, 2002)


A screen shot of how the fourth iteration of my web page appeared:

Here is a new version of the portable page:


Dan’s Page: Version 3 (April 21, 2002)


A screen shot of how the third iteration of my web page appeared:

An initial portal page that was in use for a few months:


Class of 2000 Address Page (December 31, 2000)


I launched a new password-protected website containing roughly 1/2 of the class of 2000’s contact information. Here is a screen shot of the web page.


Grand Pines Web Page (June 18, 2000)


A screen shot for a web page that I worked on over the past few days for a northern Wisconsin resort:




Dan’s Page: Version 2 (May 11, 2000)


A screen shot of how the third iteration of my web page appeared:


Dan’s Page: Version 1 (March 4, 2000)


A screen shot of how the first iteration of my web page appeared:

The initial logo:

A revised logo:

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