The EC Comics Reader


Presenting “The Chronological EC Comics Review.”

Volume 1:  1950 – Birth of the New Trend

This is the first volume in a series of story review and commentary books about EC Comics. Focusing on the year 1950, this volume covers the several comic books that launched the New Trend era.

The particular comic books covered from this time period include:

– “Crime Suspenstories” #1-#2
– “Crypt of Terror” #17-#19
– “Haunt of Fear” #15-#17, #4
– “Tales from the Crypt” #20-#21
– “Two-Fisted Tales” #18
– “Vault of Horror” #12-#16
– “Weird Fantasy” #13-#16
– “Weird Science” #12-#15

Notable News:

  • Ranked in the Top-30 Bestselling Horror Graphic Novel books in the Amazon Kindle Store (Paid Books listing; December 2012)

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One thought on “The EC Comics Reader

  1. Looks interesting, and will naturally be compared to the story
    commentary that was published in Russ Cochran’s monumental
    hardback Complete EC Library.

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