Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline Review

Talk about an up-and-down experience for me… while having moments early on, the trajectory of “Ready Player Two” was on a steady downward profile as it rolled into its midpoint.  Then it muddled its way through a Prince-centered (yes, the purple-fixated musician) ‘quest’ that was all sorts of problematic (and boring). Things officially hit rock […]

Quatermain or Cannon Films’ Indiana Jones

Detailed reviews of the Cannon Films productions “King Solomon’s Mines” and “Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold” that aped the “Indiana Jones” films.

Losing Leonard Nimoy

A look back at the career of Leonard Nimoy after learning that Nimoy had passed away. Nimoy’s professional intersections with William Shatner is also covered.

Conan The Barbarian’s Film History

A comprehensive history of films based on Robert E. Howard’s “Conan,” analyzing the Arnold Schwarzenegger films, John Milius’s “King Conan,” and the 2011 remake.