Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four: An Unofficial Guide


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Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four: An Unofficial Guide

Jonathan Hickman’s run on Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four franchise was hailed by critics and fans as the best of his generation. It featured one of the most complicated series of storylines in mainstream comic book history, continually rewarding longtime fans with an astute attention to detail.

This unofficial guide to Hickman’s run contains issue summaries and review notes. It is intended to serve as a companion for readers of both Hickman’s “Fantastic Four” and “FF” titles, helping to sort out the minutia and connect the dots to the title’s past.

Notable News:

  • Top-10 in the Kindle Store’s Superhero Graphic Novels category
  • Top-15 in the Kindle Store’s Literary Criticism & Theory category
  • Top-15 in’s general book bestsellers for the “Fantastic Four & Doctor Doom” category

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