Meeting William Shatner

Well,  I can die now after having met William Shatner in person… it came about randomly while getting groceries in  Edina, Minnesota.

I was driving down to get groceries at the Edina Cub Foods store after work  on this Friday afternoon.  I had the radio on and they were interviewing Shatner.  He suddenly  says that he’s in town that evening on a ‘roadshow’ for some new movie he was appearing in.  The idea was  that he was going from major city to major city trying to open the movie to generate  interest/box office one city at a time.

So he says “I’ll be at the new Crowne Theatres in ED-E-na this evening at 6:30pm”  I glance  at the clock and it’s 5:30pm.  I finish buying groceries and figure, “What the heck.” And drive  across the street to Southdale, where the theatre was located.  Sure enough, a few minutes  after I walked in, Shatner appears.  I had nothing for him to sign and  I stood in line (or cut it?) to shake his hand.  He looked good for a guy who was probably 70  at that time.  Shockingly good in fact.

D.S. Christensen
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