Michael Moore & Roseanne at Luther College

I headed down to Luther College with some friends this evening to see Michael Moore speak as part of his “Slacker Uprising” get-out-the-vote college tour.  It was a crowded of mostly fans, but with some detractors.  Our group was mostly-neutral and more so there to see the circus atmosphere and any dramas that might play out.

At one point, a foul-mouthed Roseanne Barr made a surprise appearance and sort of overwhelmed the crowded campus gym.  She took some odd shots at the state of Iowa.  Fans might remember her having lived on a farm there for a time with Tom Arnold when the couple was still married.

Unlike other stops in Moore’s tour, he did not read from the book “My Pet Goat,” that George Bush made famous on September 11, 2001.


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