Meet the Feebles (1989)

A film that was just plain bad and that leaves an foul taste in my mouth whenever I think of it is “Meet the Feebles.”  Directed by Peter Jackson, the director of the three upcoming “Lord of the Rings” films, it seemed like a safe choice by my friends to rent one Saturday.  It is supposed to be a satire of the Muppets – and, hey, who doesn’t hold a warm spot in their heart for the Muppets?

Director Jackson has some rather tasteless, but entertaining, films in his past, such as “Dead Alive.”  He can do some amazing things with a limited budget and that was a big reason why he is a good fit with the “Lord of the Rings” films.  “Meet the Feebles,” however, had no entertainment to be found amid its tastelessness.  Things started to go downhill fast after the opening  sex scene between a Muppet Pig and his Muppet Chicken secretary.  That was a place that no one viewing the film really wanted to go.

I can say that we actually finished watching the film and I think that everyone who watched it would agree that we did so only out of hopes that something good would happen in the film.  I like to think that there is usually some good things to be learned or taken away from any movie that you watch, even if it is bad.  I found no such things in “Meet the Feebles.”

Beware it.

D.S. Christensen
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