Good Night and Good Luck (2005) – At the Arclight

While visiting the legendary Arclight Theatre in Hollywood, I was initially taken aback by the $14 admission ticket.  Yet, I will concede that after experiencing the service of the theatre, suddenly those extra few dollars for the ticket didn’t look so bad.

My roommate and I caught the relatively low-budget “Good Night and Good Luck.”  This was not a film that would push any speaker systems to their limits, but the print looked flawless and the sound was perfect.  The film itself was well-crafted, reflecting back on a less complicated age of broadcast journalism.

Also of note regarding the Arclight:  We were both big fans of the classy squad of ushers and their personal introduction.  Oh yes, and reserved seating is so brilliant that it should be a nationwide standard.

D.S. Christensen
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