On Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau

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The 2003 film “The Room” has become something of a modern “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” with fans acting out rituals during midnight screenings.  That film was written and directed by a mysterious man named Tommy Wiseau.  His main acting and production partner, Greg Sestero, participated in screening Q&A sessions as the film gained fame during […]

Open Ended Stories, Religion, and The Man from Earth Review

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I like a good Biblical slant to a story. Certainly one of the reasons that I adored “Lost” was how it hinted at Old Testament stories, such as Cain and Abel. By the same token, my tastes have not really gravitated to fiction that significantly contradicts or seeks to undermine Biblical claims. I prefer to […]

King Corn Review

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Most people would enjoy the documentary “King Corn.” Much of the film was shot in Greene, IA, where a former roommate’s family lives. The documentary story follows the domino effect that occurred when corn subsidies and corporate-style farming changed farming, along with filling our foods with corn in some way or form such corn syrup.  […]

Who is Guillermo del Toro? Pan’s Labyrinth Tells You

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“Pan’s Labyrinth” received insanely good critical and fantasy film fan accolades with six Oscar nominations today including Best Screenplay.  It was written was directed by Guillermo del Toro, who has become known as kind of a ‘Mexican Peter Jackson,’ having recently done “Hellboy.”  All that I know about the story is that it has been […]