Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) – Decoding Guillermo del Toro

“Pan’s Labyrinth” received insanely good critical and fantasy film fan accolades with six Oscar nominations today including Best Screenplay.  It was written was directed by Guillermo del Toro, who has become known as kind of a ‘Mexican Peter Jackson,’ having recently done “Hellboy.”  All that I know about the story is that it has been compared to the 1980s Jim Henson production “Labyrinth,” but without David Bowie & Jennifer Connelly and with a more substantial story.

When i saww “Pan’s Labyrinth” last weekend, I found it to be a special film.  Magical, fantastic, riveting.  I liked it a great deal, even if it has a somewhat melancholy – or outright dark – vibe to it.  Del Toro isn’t always known for perfect, happy Hollywood endings, a fact that viewers should be aware of in advance.  That said, the ending is satisfying.

One note:  This is not a film for children, despite how some might confuse its look with the child-aimed “Labyrinth.”


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