The Norwegian Menace Short Film


Synopsis: Who can save the day when a group of rogue Norwegian terrorists takes over a small Iowa town?

Production Year: 1999 Type: Fiction Short Role(s): Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematography


Production Updates

June 29, 1999 – Norwegian Menace Script

The following is the initial draft of what would eventually be used in the shooting of the Luther College Film Festival short film “The Norwegian Menace.”


The Norwegian Menace

Shooting Draft (June 29, 1999)

INTRODUCTION SCENE A robed man sits in a large stuffed chair (note: my recliner) while facing the camera. He fiddles with a tobacco pipe as he speaks.

NARRATOR/DIRECTOR I’m pleased to welcome you this evening.  The motion picture that you are about to see is something that we view as revolutionary.  It is the next logical step for the traditional action picture. (beat) What you will bear witness to will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for our heroes.  However, above all I hope that this film challenges your thinking and makes you see the world and its cultures in a different way.  When you leave this theatre, we hope that you leave with a sense of there being greater justice done in the world.

Cut (Camera is stationary; the frame is filled with the entire chair and person.) TITLE CARD:  “THE NORWEGIAN MENACE” TITLE CARD:  “THE FOLLOWING IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY” TITLE CARD:  “THE NAMES OF THOSE INVOLVED HAVE MOSTLY BEEN CHANGED” TITLE CARD:  “IN SOME CASES, ACTION SEQUENCES MAY HAVE BEEN ADDED” EXT. LUTHER COLLEGE MAIN BUILDING (Background Music:  “The Rock” opening credits.) A van pulls into a parking stall in back of the Main building.  Its large side door slides open and six people file out.  They speak to each other only through glances and gestures. Cut (Camera is stationary as Van pulls right up to the camera and the group can be seen filing out of the van.  We only see their backs.) The group moves into a loose circle and follows the point man in the direction of the Centennial Union building.  As the group walks down the sidewalk, students dodge onto the lawn to avoid them, simultaneously giving them angry glances. Cut (Camera following from behind the group down the sidewalk.) INT. LUTHER COLLEGE CENTENNIAL UNION (Background Music:  “The Rock” opening credits (continued).) The camera faces the front doors and sweeps across them as each group member opens an individual door in turn, stepping into the common’s area in a perfect line.  Their faces finally revealed. Cut (Camera is inside commons area and pans across from stationary point.) The six turn and walk in a line (in perfect step) up the stairs to the Centennial Union’s Second Floor. As the leader opens the Second Floor door, Afro Swenson (Previously seen in “The Vile) jumps into view from the other side of the door…


And is immediately struck down by the quick-moving Steiner. Cut (Camera follows the group up the stairs and is behind them facing Afro Swenson as he jumps through the opening door.) As the group comes down the second floor hallway, Lou (previously seen in “The Johnfather”) is also encountered.

LOU What do you kids think you’re up too?

And is also struck down by Steiner. Cut (Camera is stationary as the group walks toward it from down the hall.  They approach Lou, who is in the foreground). INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: NOBLE ROOM The Luther College President is hard at work, seated at the end of the long conference table.  Suddenly, the terrorists burst in.

PRESIDENT What the heck is this?!?

NEAL Tie him up!

The terrorists rush over and overcome the surprised president, whom they then tie up.

NEAL (CONT’D) Now we are in control.  HAAAHAAAHAAA.

Cut (Camera is stationary angled behind the president so that he and the room door are both in the frame.) INT. LUTHER COLLEGE SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND CENTER The LCSF Command Center is composed of a small conference room (Note: possibly a Library group study room).  Assembled around the table are the 5 members of the LCSF. A meeting is just beginning with the group being addressed by their commander, Mr. Fox.

MR. FOX As you already know, the situation is critical. We know that there are six terrorists.  They are holed up in the Union complex the College President as a hostage.  Because of the complexity of the situation, you are being called in to handle this instead of the SPO cops. (beat) We received this video a short time ago.

Cut (Camera starts with all five team members in view from the front of the table and then pans around, stopping on Mr. Fox at the blackboard, who has already started talking). CUT TO TERRORIST VIDEO The leader of the terrorists, Neal, is seated with the other group members standing around him at the end of the long conference table in the Noble room.  The College President is seated (with his hands tied behind his back) next to Neal.

NEAL The hour of reckoning is now upon us.  We, the Sons…

Neal pauses and looks over his shoulder with disdain at the lone female member of the group.

NEAL (CONT’D) Sons and …daughter of Norway have taken control of your precious Centennial Union.  We demand that you bring to an end all nude soccer activities immediately.  We citizens of Norway are embarrassed by the worldwide attention that these activities have received and will not allow them to continue.

One of the terrorists, Johan, hands Neal a shoebox that he places on the table in front of him.

NEAL (CONT’D) Before you try to send in your beloved SPO cops to stop us, be advised that we are in possession of a bomb capable of destroying the entire Decorah area.  We also have our members stationed around the Union, ready to stop any feeble attempts that you may make.  The timer on the bomb has been set and you have 1 hour to meet our demands… (beat) or BOOOOMMMM.

Cut (Camera is stationary on the table in front of Neal. Note:  This could be split up with close-ups on Neal) Back in the LCSF Command Center:

MR. FOX We know that they have an arsenal of weapons, but because of their passive Norwegian nature, they won’t use them until provoked.  Use that to your advantage. (beat) Your mission is to take control of the Union, diffuse the bomb, and apprehend their insidious leader, Neal.

Cut (Camera is stationary from the rear corner opposite Mr. Fox.) INT. LCSF ARMORED PERSONNEL VEHICLE (Background Music:  “G. I. Joe” cartoon main theme) The music is blaring as the LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle drives down the road with the LCSF members squeezed into the vehicle. Kyle reaches up and turns down the radio volume.

KYLE Why do we always have to listen to this G. I. Joe crap whenever we go on a mission?  Let’s put on some real mission music.

Kyle fiddles with the radio. (Background Music:  “Mission Impossible” main theme) Cut (The camera is stationary in the rear of the LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle, facing toward the front window.) EXT. CENTENNIAL UNION (Background Music:  “Mission Impossible” Main Theme (continued).) The LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle pulls up to the curb.  It has a large sign on the side that states “Luther College Special forced” in bold lettering. The team gets out of the Vehicle and walks in formation toward the front door.  All except Ninja Sauke are armed with squirt guns. Cut (Camera is stationary in front of the Union as the Vehicle pulls up and everyone gets out, walking toward the camera.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION 2ND FLOOR-SIMULTANEOUS From a Second Floor window, Neal looks down at the LCSF team as they approach the front doors.

NEAL So they have sent James and his cronies.  Those fools will soon learn whom they are dealing with.  HAAHAAHAA.

Cut (Camera is stationary on Neal looking out main the main second floor window.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION STAIRS-MOMENTS LATER (Background Music:  “Mission Impossible” Main Theme (continued).) The LCSF team slowly makes its way up the stairs, members scouting ahead and motioning for the others to come once the coast is clear. Cut (Camera is stationary with the stairs in view, the LCSF team members going up them.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION 2ND FLOOR-SIMULTANEOUS (Background Music:  “Mission Impossible” Main Theme (Continued).) The LCSF walks confidently down the middle of the main hallway. Nearing an intersection (to the Noble Room), they speed up slightly. The terrorists all jump out from around the corner.  Catching them by surprise, the LCSF squirt guns are immediately knocked away and a fistfight ensues in which the LCSF members end up being pinned down on the ground.  They have lost. With the LCSF members motionless as they are held down, Neal strides out into view and taunts James.

NEAL James, you fool.  You really thought you could catch me this easily? (Pause) Take them away!

Cut (Camera is stationary at the hallway intersection, with the Terrorists not in view until they jump out.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: MOTT-BORLAUG ROOM -LATER In the center of the room, the LCSF team is seated in a circle on the floor, backs together with all of their hands tied in the center. Jessie is guarding them, holding one of their confiscated squirt guns. While the LCSF team members sit with their heads down, Henrietta walks into the room and approaches Jessie. Cut (Camera should be stationary near the door of the Mott-Borlaug room, with the group in the middle, seen from a distance). Henrietta stands next to him with her hands behind her back, batting her eyes at Jessie.

HENRIETTA You want to know something Jessie?


HENRIETTA Ever since you picked up that squirt gun, it’s made me see a different side of you.

JESSIE What’s that?

HENRIETTA That squirt gun makes you look so… so powerful.

Jessie turns toward the camera and smiles.

JESSIE (SMILING) You think so?

HENRIETTA Yeah.  Do you think that when this is all over and we’re back in Norway that maybe we could go skiing… or something?

JESSIE That would be…

Cut (Camera will be stationary on the profile of the two actors). Suddenly Henrietta knees Jessie hard.  He bends over and hits the ground, wailing in pain. Jessie continues to wail on the ground as Henrietta rushes over to free the LCSF team. Cut (Camera is behind Jessie, as he goes down.  Henrietta frees the team, which is seated on the left side of the frame.)

JAMES Why are you helping us?

HENRIETTA I’m sick of the way these guys treat me.  I’m the only girl in the group and they don’t respect me.  They’re always forcing me to do things that I feel uncomfortable doing.

JAMES Okay everyone we’ve got to get to that bomb.

INT. CENTENNIAL UNION:  HALLWAY Three of the terrorists, Johan, Steiner, and Harold, stand in the union commons area chatting.

HAROLD You know, I think we need more girls in this group.

JOHAN Exactly.  That one we’ve got now is just dragging us down.  We need some tougher girls.

HAROLD That’s a great idea!  Maybe if we got some really tough girls in the group, we could have them do all of the terrorizing and we could just sit back…

Throughout the entire conversation, in the background, the LCSF team can be seen making its way down the first floor main hallway (completely unnoticed). As the others talk, Steiner glances down the hallway and sees the group approaching.

STEINER Hey!  What’s going on here!?!?

The LCSF group starts to run down the hall, squirt guns blazing.

JOHAN Go warn Neal!  The prisoners have escaped!

Harold runs toward the stairs as Johan desperately starts firing his own squirt gun at the oncoming onslaught.  Steiner runs to attack with his fists. The LCSF team overcomes Johan and Johan as he falls to the ground, wailing.  As the LCSF team runs right by his crumpled up body, Henrietta stops for a moment and gives Johan a swift kick (Note: In retaliation for his above comment). Cut (Camera is stationary facing down the long main hallway.  The terrorists are in the foreground, as the LCSF approach while they talk.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: NOBLE ROOM Harold bursts into the room, still limping badly from the wound that he just incurred.

NEAL Harold!  What’s going on!

HAROLD Sir, that little skank, she betrayed us! You’ve got to get out of here!

Harold falls to the ground dead and Neal hurries out of the room. Cut (Camera is stationary by the door, with the large open carpeted area in frame.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION:  2ND FLOOR Running, the LCSF team makes their way down the same hallway as before. As they near the hallway intersection…

JAMES Where is the bomb located?

HENRIETTA It’s just down the hall.

The LCSF team rounds the corner, heading in the direction of the Noble Room. Cut (Camera is stationary on the LCSF team as it comes down the hallway and pans slightly as they disappear around the corner.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: CAFETERIA (Background Music: Ominous Star Wars, maybe ESB duel music?) Neal runs down the Cafeteria kitchen hallway, focused on escape. As he rushes past the freezers, Ninja Sauke appears staring out through the freezer window.  He has found his prey. Cut (Camera is stationary by the ovens as it holds on Neal coming down the hallway by the dish room.  As he nears the camera, it pans to follow him, freezing when the freezer door is in the center of the frame.  It then zooms in on the freezer door window for a close-up of Ninja Sauke.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: NOBLE ROOM The LCSF team rushes into the room and finds the President tied up, lying by the door.

KYLE Mr. President, we’re here to free you.

PRESIDENT It’s about time.  What are we paying you guys for?

Kyle leaves the President still tied up on the ground

PRESIDENT (CONT’D) Hey!  Get back here!

Cut (Camera is stationary near the ground close to the President, slightly angled up to show the team enter and Kyle crouch nearby.) The group makes its way down to the opposite end of table, where a shoebox is sitting.

JAMES It’s the bomb!  Bryan, you’re our bomb expert. You must diffuse it.

BRYAN I’ll try.

Bryan sits down at the table, with the bomb placed in front of him. Cut (Camera is stationary near the room door, as the team walks to the opposite end, toward the bomb.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: CAFETERIA Neal rounds the corner by the dessert counter.  Ninja Sauke comes through the kitchen door into the serving area and halts.

NINJA SAUKE Neal!  Come and face me you coward.

Neal freezes in mid-step.  His back remains toward Ninja Sauke.

NEAL So Ninja Sauke, we meet again.

Neal pivots around to face Ninja Sauke.

NINJA SAUKE No, the ninja you faced long ago was my brother.  You killed him.  Now I will have my revenge.

Cut (Camera is stationary on the open area near the dessert bar, with the kitchen door on the extreme right of the frame.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: MOTT-BORLAUG ROOM Bryan has his face down near the shoebox as the other LCSF team members huddle next to him. He takes a deep breath and lifts the top off of the shoebox.  Nothing happens.

BRYAN Lookin’ good so far.

Cut (Camera is stationary on the table in front of the bomb.  The frame is a close-up on Bryan as he works.) Inside the shoebox are a timer (that is still ticking down) and three different colored wires.)  Bryan pulls out a scissors and nervously brings it near one of the colored wires.

GINNELLE Cut the blue wire… the blue wire!

KYLE No!  Cut the red one… the red wire!

Bryan glances to his left and right.

BRYAN Look, I’m the bomb expert here and we’re cutting the green wire.

Bryan cuts the green wire. …and nothing happens.  The timer continues to tick away.

BRYAN (CONT’D) Okay, that didn’t work.  Let’s try the red wire instead.

Bryan cuts the red wire. …and nothing happens.   The timer continues to tick away.

BRYAN (CONT’D) 0 for 2. This is not good.  Lucky blue. Com’mon blue!

Bryan cuts the blue (and final) wire… and nothing happens.   The timer continues to tick away.

BRYAN (CONT’D) Uh-oh.  This is very bad

James grabs the bomb and starts running toward the door.

JAMES Let’s go!  We’ve got to get this bomb out of here before it blows.

Cut (Camera is stationary from over Bryan’s shoulder, the clock and wires should be in view. The camera pans up to follow James when he grabs the bomb. Note:  Might add close-ups of clock, see how editing goes.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: CAFETERIA (Background Music:  “Star Wars: Episode 1” Track 15.) Camera is close on the floor tiles and makes a long sweep up to reveal the two warriors facing one another, knowing that they are about to enter into a life or death struggle. Neal stands on the left with his back to the condiment bar.  Ninja Sauke is on the right with his back to line A. Neal lifts his arms up and begins firing two squirt guns simultaneously in the direction of Ninja Sauke. Ninja Sauke dodges the shots using his cat-like reflexes. A gun suddenly jams in mid-shot and Neal pauses as he tries to un-jam them by hurriedly slapping them against his thigh. Ninja Sauke takes advantage of the opportunity and rushes Neal, knocking the guns away.  Neal kicks Ninja Sauke, who goes down, clutching his shin. Neal then turns to run toward the kitchen door, but from the ground, Ninja Sauke grabs Neal’s ankle and tugs him down to the tiles. Ninja Sauke and Neal claw at one another viciously. Cut (After sweep up, Camera is stationary with Neal on the extreme left and Ninja Sauke on the extreme right.  Note:  Zoom in first on actors to have zoom level set in advance.) A Caf lady watches the action with a flabbergasted expression on her face. Cut (Cut to close-up of Caf lady). EXT. CENTENNIAL UNION (Background Music:  ?) James runs outside, still carrying the shoebox.  He runs over to the LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle and throws it underneath. Everyone then turns and runs together out of view. Cut (Camera is stationary in front of the Union doors, facing the LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle.) The LCSF team members make their way around the corner of the union and sit down with their backs against a brick wall.

JAMES The armored shielding of the Luther College Special Forces Armored Personnel Vehicle should contain the blast.

HENRIETTA But there’s still three minutes left on the timer.  Why did you throw it under the Luther College Special Forces Armored Personnel Vehicle?

JAMES As cheap as this college is, we have to blow one up every once in a while if we ever want to get a new one.

Cut (Camera is stationary with the shot angled to show the entire LCSF team seated in a row along the side of the building.  James is in front with Henrietta seated next to him.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: CAFETERIA (Background Music:  “Star Wars: Episode 1” Duel of the Fates.) Ninja Sauke chases after Neal.  He catches up with him by the Pasta Bar sink, grabs Neal’s head and repeatedly bashes it into the stainless steel counter. Neal suddenly breaks free from Ninja Sauke’s vicious assault and runs toward the back of the deli line. Cut (Camera is stationary as it pans to follow Ninja Sauke run over and then has a side profile of the counter smashing.) Neal runs around to the back of the deli line and finds himself cornered.  Desperate, he suddenly leaps over the deli line counter (Note:  This will be very hard do.) Neal runs across the serving area and around to the front of the pasta line.  Ninja Sauke counters by running to meet him from behind the pasta line.  They clash as Neal comes across to the back of the pasta line. Cut (Camera is stationary and positioned by the dessert counter, angled toward the deli bar.  It then pans as the actors run toward the pasta bar.) Neal turns to meet the oncoming Ninja Sauke, grabbing the back of his head and smashing it against the brick wall by the pasta machine. Neal (with his hands still on the head of the dazed Ninja Sauke) pushes Ninja Sauke’s head down toward the (assumedly) boiling water of the Pasta Machine. Ninja Sauke is pinned down against the pasta machine’s boiling water.


NEAL It’s a good day to die.  HAHAHA.

(Background music:  “Star Wars:  A New Hope” Jedi Theme)

NINJA SAUKE Brother… Help me.


Brother… use your training!  You must remember your training!  Help you it can.

Ninja Sauke pulls Neal forward with a reversal. Cut (Camera is stationary with a side profile of the pasta machine and the actors.) EXT. CENTENNIAL UNION (Background Music:  “Star Wars:  A New Hope”  Death Star Explosion.) Our view is close on the LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle.  It explodes. BOOOM. Cut (Camera stationary on the blacktop, with a Matchbox replica of the LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle directly in front of the camera.  Method of explosion is still to be determined.) INT. CENTENNIAL UNION: CAFETERIA (Background Music:  “Star Wars: Episode 1” Duel of the Fates (continued).) Ninja Sauke’s reversal throws Neal into the pasta Machine.


Neal pulls himself back and frees himself.  He then runs toward the Salad Bar. Cut (Camera is stationary with a side profile of the pasta machine and the actors.) Neal runs past the salad bar (With Ninja Sauke right behind) and heads toward the Mongolian wok. As Neal arrives by the wok, Ninja Sauke freezes beside the serving line. Neal picks up a long wooden wok stick (gripping it from the end.) Ninja Sauke also picks up a (conveniently located) wooden wok stick (gripping it in the middle; making the stick a “double sided” fighting wok stick.) Neal rushes toward Ninja Sauke, wok stick raised high and ready to strike. Cut (Camera is stationary by the Wok, with Neal running from afar then panning so that he is standing by on the left of the frame, opposite the sink.  Ninja Sauke is on the right of the frame by the serving line entrance.) Neal drives Ninja Sauke back.  They exchange blow after blow with their wok sticks.  After being pressed back into the center of the serving area, Ninja Sauke makes his stand.  He and Neal continue to hack at one another in a flurry. Ninja Sauke begins to drive forward and blocks a string of Neal’s blows using the two ends of his deadly stick. Neal, tired from the barrage, pauses suddenly and Ninja Sauke rams an end of his stick into Neal’s stomach.  Neal falls to the ground defeated. Ninja Sauke grabs him by the hair and leads him crawling away. Cut (Camera is stationary by the trays and pans to the left to follow the battle into the open serving area, then back to the right as Ninja Sauke lets out his fury.) Ninja Sauke continues dragging the still-crawling Neal by the hair toward the large freezer behind line B.  He opens the door and… (Background music pauses; silence) Ninja Sauke and Neal are both shocked to see Afro Swenson standing inside the freezer eating an Ice Cream Novelty.  Afro Swenson is in mid bite. Cut (Camera is stationary behind the serving line with Ninja Sauke’s and Neal’s backs to the camera as the door is opened.  Possible slight zoom in on Afro Swenson.) A Caf lady watches the action with a flabbergasted expression on her face. Cut (Cut to close-up of Caf lady).

NINJA SAUKE Get out of the way.

(Background music resumes.) Afro Swenson runs out of the freezer and Ninja Sauke throws Neal in, slamming the door shut. He then drops in the lock pin. Neal starts pounding on the door, begging to be let out.

NEAL I’m sorry!!!  Let me out of here!!  I’m really, really sorry!!!

Cut (Camera is stationary at the same angle as before as Afro Swenson runs out and Neal is thrown in.  Zoom in on door as Neal begs.) EXT. CENTENNIAL UNION The entire LCSF team is standing by the LCSF Armored Personnel Vehicle as Ninja Sauke runs out of the Union and over to them.

JAMES Ninja Sauke!  You’re alive!  Did you stop Neal?

NINJA SAUKE Neal got a little hot under the collar, but now he’s cool.

Cut (Camera is stationary as Ninja Sauke runs up to the LCSF team.) INT. LCSF COMMAND CENTER The LCSF members are all standing around Mr. Fox, who is debriefing the team.


Congratulations, you’ve saved us all.

The college is now forever in your debt.

GINELLE But what about Norway, Sir?  Are they going unpunished?

MR. FOX As a matter of fact, they are being taken care of as we speak.

Cut (Camera is stationary with the LCSF team members and Mr. Fox all in the frame.) SHOT OF NORWAY MAP Hold shot on map of Norway. Cut (Camera stationary from above map.) SHOT OF NUCLEAR EXPLOSION Footage of Nuclear bomb going off. Cut (Use stock footage, possibly from Austin Powers?) INT. LCSF COMMAND CENTER Everyone cheers (End titles music starts here). Cut (Camera stationary for wide group shot of everyone cheering.) EXT. LCSF COMMAND CENTER The LCSF Armored personnel vehicle drives off into the sunset. Cut (Camera is stationary behind the vehicle as it drives straight away.) END CREDITS (Background Music:  “G. I. Joe” Cartoon Main Theme.) Picture credits with people standing next to a blackboard with their names written on it. Cut (Camera stationary in front of blackboard with people facing camera in close-up.) Out-take reel: (Background Music:  “Alf”  Television Theme Song.)


November 10, 1999 – Norwegian Menace Filming Announcement

For the Norwegian Menace Cast Members: I’ve spoken with everyone by now and here is a rough schedule for filming on  Saturday:
1:45pm – 3:00pm: Location:  Cafeteria Scenes (Meet in Marty’s). People Needed:

  • Neal
  • Dave (in Ninja Outfit)
  • Aaron (with any sort of Afro that you can find).

3:00pm – 5:00pm: Location:  Various Locations inside of the Union (Meet in Marty’s). People Needed:

  • Neal
  • Dave (in terrorist clothing)
  • Kyle (for one scene to reprise his role of Lou from “The Johnfather”)
  • Mike B. (For one scene)
  • Travis (mainly background in almost all scenes)
  • Mark (mainly background in almost all scenes)
  • Jess (mainly background in almost all scenes)
  • Kristen (For one – two scenes)
  • Aaron (briefly in the Afro for one scene; background for more?)

There is one pivotal scene that requires many of the people in the group below along with  those listed above.  This is the ambush by the terrorists scene where the Luther College  Strike Force is captured.  It wouldn’t take very long to shoot, so it would be nice if James,  Kyle, Bryan, and Ginelle could stop by somewhere in the Union around 4:45pm.

6:00pm – ? Location:  Various Locations inside of the Union (Meet either in Marty’s or preferably the  Caf over dinner). People Needed:

  • James
  • Kyle
  • Bryan
  • Ginelle
  • Kristen (for about half of the scenes)
  • Jess (For one scene)
  • Andy (For a couple of scenes)
  • Mike B. (for one scene)
  • Travis (For one scene; big speaking part scene)
  • Mark (For one scene; big speaking part scene)

I’m going to try to break things down so that those in only some of the scenes get shot  right away so that they can leave if they have to / want to.
General Notes:

  1. Wear whatever costume you’d like (except for you, Ninja Dave), but try to make it  something that you’ll remember in the event that additional filming has to be done later.
  2. There are a couple of outdoor scenes that will have to be filmed later.  I figure that  those of you still alive in the watergun war wouldn’t like to be standing around outside.   However, for the most part, everything should get done on Saturday.

3.  Bryan:   Please pick up supplies for the sleep lab to construct your (artificial) bomb. Hopefully everyone got listed, if there are any problems with this, get back to me ASAP. Thanks to everyone for going along with this.

November 16, 1999 – Norwegian Menace Pickups Announcement

For the “Norwegian Menace” Cast Members…I was thinking of filming in and around the Union on Sunday at 12:00 noon.  Is this okay with everyone? Still to be filmed:

  • Quick dialogue scene that had to be shot around last Saturday:  James and Kristen.
  • Capture of the Luther College Strike Force (LCSF) by the Terrorists on the 2nd floor of the Union, this is a quick group struggle/fight scenes:  As many LCSF members and Terrorists as possible, Neal and James have quick dialogue.
  • A scene inside the Blazer with the LCSF:  James, Kyle, Bryan, Ginelle, and Dave.
  • LCSF leaving the Blazer and Walking to the Union:  Same people as in #3.
  • LCSF sneaking up the stairs:  Same people as in #3.
  • Kyle and the LCSF running outside to the Blazer and throwing the bomb under it.
  • Quick dialogue scenes with James and the LCSF against a brick wall outside.
  • Make-up scene where Kyle tries to free Mike B. (College President).
  • Re-filming of the Bailey’s death/Neal’s Escape (there was a technical problem with this and I’d like to re-do it).
  • Quick scene in front of the Union between James and Ninja Kruse (who has just returned victorious from his fight with Neal).  I’ll try to arrange things so that the scenes with the terrorists are shot first and then the  solo LCSF scenes later, so that people with only a couple of things to do can leave.

Try to remember what you wore on Saturday if possible.  It would stick out really badly if you were wearing something completely different when the scenes are edited together.  If you can’t remember, e-mail me back and I’ll check the tape.

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