Inglourious Basterds (2009) Script Review

Details have been leaking out about Quentin Tarantino’s new script “Inglorious Basterds.”  It just went to studios for bidding earlier this week.

“It’s a story about an all Jewish American unit sent behind the lines into Nazi Occupied France with the mission to kill as many Nazis and cause as much trouble as humanly possible.”

The script must have gotten copied last week, as it has now leaked all over the internet.  I read a copy of it yesterday and I really devoured it.  There are several soon-to-be classic scenes and the ‘Tough Jewish Secret Squad’ angle unfolds very well.  It’s like if the “Kill Bill” revenge angle was taken to a global level.  He also plays fast-and-loose with the facts of history to make the stakes much higher than just some random Nazis as the main bad guys.

It will be a different kind of film for him though – very much a ‘period’ movie, with a ton of sub-titles in German or French, even if it is often a little over-the-top.

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