Otherworld: A Short-Lived 1980s TV Gem?

This was a very short-lived alternate reality show on CBS that was a mid-season replacement in early 1985. The jist was that a family on vacation in Egypt happened to be on a pyramid tour at the right (or wrong?) place and time during some sort of planet alignment. Within the first ten minutes of […]

Reviewing Mike Tyson’s Fights

While growing up, I had a fascination with the phenomenon that was Mike Tyson, but access to footage of his fights was a rare thing in the pre-internet, pre-streaming video days.  Tyson’s career was largely locked behind expensive HBO pay-per-view events. Years later though, the fights have been rebroadcast and can be found online with […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2021 Analysis

This won’t be a conventional report, as San Diego Comic-Con is again not having a conventional year.  The COVID-19 pandemic continued into its second summer.  A lot had occurred since last summer with vaccines seeming to come out of nowhere and, at least in the United State, bring about a certain tepid return to normalcy. […]

Wrestlemania 1-5: An Appreciation

I never had the opportunity to see any of the WWF “WrestleMania” events as a kid. They always seemed like very mythical events. Decades later, I was a lapsed wrestling fan since the “Monday Night Wars” of the mid-1990s and nostalgia for that early era of peak late-1980s wrestling made me curious about finally experiencing […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Analysis

As usual (Although this year was far from usual), I viewed the San Diego Comic-Con’s 2020 edition as an opportunity to get a barometer on the next year in high-profile genre films and television shows, along with pop culture in general. Besides attending the convention in person, I waded through Twitter, online panel recaps, and […]