San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Analysis

Some ‘live’ updates as they happen around the convention area down here at Comic-Con in San Diego.  I’m here along with 120,000 or so others:

  • I just saw Stan Lee…. surprisingly humble and quite ‘with it’ even at nearly 80.
  • I randomly met Orson Scott Card in a hallway and told him that I was a big “Ender’s Game” fan, but didn’t mention the sequels.  He’s spent the past 10-15 years having the film version start and then stall.  Numerous script draft, etc.
  • I later learned that Card’s Comic-Con appearance was to announce that Marvel Comics is releasing an adaptation of the series.  This is actually a pretty good move on his part.  Beyond getting a check, he’ll also get what will amount to free storyboarding, showing what an eventual film could look like.  If it sells well, it could also lend more reason to push the movie forward.  In recent years, he has also revisited the first book by releasing ‘tangent’ novels set around that single novel.  “Ender’s Shadow” was a bestseller a few years back and apparently tells the story from the view of another character.  He has a new book coming out along the same lines this fall and discussed that too.
  • I made it to the annual DC panel and Kevin Smith was just a surprise guest…. he’s doing a 3-issue Batman miniseries starting in November.
  • Some girl just walked by in bottom-less chaps.  It caused a stir in the hallway,  When I turned back around and was suddenly in a random conversation with the head of Marvel Comics (Joe Quesada) and one of his employees, talking about ‘twitter’ technology.
  • Joe Quesada’s Marvel presentation was quite good, as was the presentation by the two showrunners who created/have been guiding “Lost.”  Oh, and seeing Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGyver) earlier today was a hoot.  He was extremely funny during a “Stargate” panel.
  • A classmate happens to be working at the convention, so I’ve been bouncing around while checking in with her from time to time.   The convention appears to already be starting to wear her down though, as she co-manages the New Line Cinema booth.  I spent some time chit-chatting with her earlier today and she’s spent most of the day corralling Neil Patrick Harris and Corey Feldman.
  • I’m settling in now for an evening with Kevin Smith…. Frank Miller is coming out shortly as well as Zach Snyder, who directed “300” and the upcoming “Watchmen” film adaptation.
  • Kevin is doing another panel tonight about his new movie.  The star of it, Seth Rogan, will be there, along with about 2,000 people.  He gets big crowds here and does liver Q&A’s that are like the Evening with Kevin Smith events (but with more recent stories).  Thus, 1:1 conversations here wouldn’t happen.  I guess he turns up at his comic shop once in a while though.
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