San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Analysis

I was down in San Diego at the Comic-Con event yesterday.  Downtown San Diego was in total gridlock and the attendees are often rude.  Uncomfortably at times, there are a lot of scantily-clad young ladies running around the convention center, albeit often with purple hair or a cape.  I was able to attend a number of film studio presentations, along with some television-show-specific Q&A sessions.

Of note was yesterday’s “24” Q&A.  There were some amusing remarks from the audience about how they know everyone was unhappy with Season 6.  The producers promised an overhaul for Season 7.

Oh, and keep an eye out for a new Clive Owen action film “Shoot’em Up.”  Clive presented some clips with the director and it looks intentionally over-the-top and highly amusing.

D.S. Christensen
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