HurlyBurly Off Broadway

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We’re already on day four and things are on the wind-down in New York City.  I actually just purchased my bus ticket to Binghamton, NY online and called my friend with the time.  I’ll arrive there tomorrow at 6pm.  He e-mailed me shortly after the call to say that he’d just dropped his cell phone into his cereal; poor guy.

Thus far, the highlight of the trip has been the play “HurlyBurly” with Ethan Hawke and Elizabeth Berkley, of “Saved by the Bell” and the infamous “Showgirls.”  I stood in line for an hour to get ‘rush’ tickets and this proved to be a very good move.  Not only did I save $50, but I got an amazing seat in the front row right in the middle.  I was so close that during one scene, Mr. Hawke was laying on the carpet in front of me and I could have easily reached up and touched his head.  It was amazing.

Last night, my friend and I attended a Yankees game vs. Detroit and the fans were already warming up their “Boston Sucks” chants for this weekend’s visit by the Red Sox.  A Yankees fan in front of me actually got into a shouting match with a Red Sox fan who was in a nearby section.  It was bizarre.

Food has continued to be quite good.  Besides the fantastic pizza, we’ve had a nice meal in both Little Italy and Little India.  Today will be a BBQ attendance and perhaps a snack somewhere this afternoon.  Deli meats have been surprisingly tasty.

On a side note, everyone on the subways have iPods now, which is rather amusing.  This evening is the harbor cruise over to Staten Island, so I hope to get some great “New York at Dusk” photos.  Thus far, most of our daytime time has been filled with simply strolling through the different neighborhoods.  Yesterday was Greenwich Village, the area around Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and the Brooklyn Bridge.  The day before was mid-town around Broadway, Chinatown, and Little Italy.  Today will likely be around Wall Street, including the former-World Trade Center area and Stock Exchange, then up to Central Park.