Ethan Hawke & HurlyBurly Off Broadway

Thus far, the highlight of this particular trip to New York City has been the play “HurlyBurly” with Ethan Hawke, Elizabeth Berkley, of “Saved by the Bell” and the infamous “Showgirls,” and Parker Posey.

I stood in line for an hour to get ‘rush’ tickets and this proved to be a very good move.  Not only did I save $50, but I happened to nearly bump into Ethan Hawke as he came into the theatre while talking on his cell phone.

Taking things next level, I scored an amazing seat in the front row right in the middle.  I was so close that during one scene, Mr. Hawke was laying on the carpet in front of me and I could have easily reached up and touched his head.  It was amazing.



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