Bob Barker Price is Right Taping & Ed McMahon

Sadly, I have to report that we didn’t get on “The Price is Right” during the taping today, but should show up quite a bit in the background on the January 16th show.  My roommate did get to talk to Bob in person with me nearby and we also talked to two of the show’s producers afterward.  In the evening, we also did get to meet Ed McMahon at a street fair book signing in Palm Springs…  my roommate had exceeded the speed limit in L.A. rush hour traffic in order to make it.

My roommate later called yesterday the greatest day of his life.

Update: January 13,2006

The “Price is Right” episode airing on this coming Monday, January 16, 2006 is the episode that my roommate and I attended the taping of last month (probably 10:00am based on your timezone).

While you won’t see either of us as contestants – we must have gotten screened out during the interview – you should be able to see us in the audience.  We’re seated in the last row (only five or so rows back from the front) right in the center behind where the contestants stand.  Both of us are dressed in bright red “The Price is Right” T-Shirts.

My roommate did get to have a conversation with Bob Barker between “commercial breaks” (he had the full 300-person audience looking on).  Those who know my roommate will also appreciate that he met Ed McMahon later in the day (there’s a photo under December 1, 2005).

Update: January 16, 2006

Here are some screen captures from the airing with us highlighted in the background.

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