Last Starfighter 2: Dangling Threads in “The Last Starfighter”

Update below from March 25, 2021…

“The Last Starfighter” has long been a personal favorite film of mine – so much so, that one of the first sight-seeing things that I did while living in the Los Angeles-area was to go visit the original trailer park location from the film.

When I was at the 25th Anniversary screening back in 2009 (see a full report and video clips here), the director mentioned that a draft had then-recently been completed for a sequel. What I would have given to get a look at that script…

His hint was that any sequel would need to focus on the child – or children – of the Last Starfighter, Alex Rogan. Rather than “The Last Starfighter 2,” one obvious title could be “Son of the Last Starfighter.”

During a recent re-watch of the original film, I found myself wondering about dangling plot threads that would be fertile ground for a sequel. Given that over twenty-five years had passed since the original film, some might no longer be as relevant as others.

  • Alex’s younger brother Lewis was seen playing the Starfighter game at the end of the film. Was there any hope that, given some practice, Lewis might have become a credible starfighter himself? Were the qualities for a great starfighter something that might have run in the family? It would have been a bit forced to expect Lewis to have similar skills as Alex – much like how it is unrealistic to expect the brother of a star athlete to be a star himself. That said, some families do have many children who are all star athletes.
  • The film’s main villain, Xur, escaped at the end of the film. His escape was obviously intended to factor into a sequel, but we’re really not sure what his next move might have been. It would be questionable to assume that the Kodan forces whom Xur had aligned himself with would have been interested in keeping him around. Then again, any Kodan warriors who might have ratted Xur’s bad decisions out had likely died when the command ship was destroyed. It was indicated that one of Alex’s priorities, if he kept on as a starfighter, would be to hunt down Xur.
  • The Kodan armada featured in the film always struck me as not being very large. Then again, the starfighter forces weren’t exactly numerous either, given that they were almost all destroyed in a single attack on a single ship hanger. The presumption would be that there must be other Kodan forces still around to pose as a threat. One also had to wonder about alliances with other alien forces, both good and evil. The movie established that a diverse range of aliens existed around the universe, so there could surely have been other forces at work throughout the universe.
  • And, most obviously: What happened with Alex and Maggie? Presumably they married and had a family, somewhere up in the stars. Alex seemed to be rushing to pick up Maggie and then get going, most likely to join in the hunt for Xur. Was there another mission about to unfold though? Hard to say, but the immediate events regarding what happened next would need to be explored.

There has been little news on a sequel since 2009. I have resigned myself to the reality that such a project was very unlikely to materialize. Then again, few expected “Tron” to have a sequel nearly thirty years later, so who knows? “The Last Starfighter” has had legs, with numerous home video releases, most recently on Blu-Ray. While it may have only been a modest theatrical hit, obviously the film has done well over the years as a catalog title. Like “Tron,” it has many admirers who grew up with the film and, perhaps, a similar franchise re-launch isn’t as crazy as it might seem. Here’s hoping…

 Update 2014:  “The Last Starfighter” celebrated the 30th Anniversary of its release on July 13, 2014, but there continued to be little to no news regarding a sequel.  Los Angeles-based GPA Entertainment Inc.  has claimed since 2008 to be developing a “Starfighter” project, but there has been no visible movement on that front.  To be candid, the firm doesn’t look like it would necessarily have the track record to launch a project of the necessary scale.

Arguably, the sequel’s best chance of both getting made and of meeting fan expectations would be in the hands of a ‘hot’ director/producer who happened to be a fan of the film in their youth.  I remain optimistic for such a scenario working itself out, if anything due to the continued need for entertainment firms to exploit existing properties.  Even a couple of years ago, who would have ever imagined Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill reuniting in a “Return of the Jedi” sequel?  From the perspective of passing the torch to a new generation while still involving some of the original cast, a sequel to “The Last Starfighter” remains a viable and tantalizing possibility.

Update 2015:  The 31st anniversary of the release of “The Last Starfighter” brought some interesting news.  There had been a story in fall of 2014 in which Seth Rogen confirmed having no luck in pursuing remake rights.  He upped the stakes by saying that Steven Spielberg had previously tried to obtain the remake rights but was also not successful in that quest.  Apparently the rights were held by writer Jonathan Betuel and he refused to do anything with them.

That situation changed in July of 2015, with Betuel striking a deal with entertainment startup   A plan was announced to release something entitled “Starfighter Chronicles” as a virtual reality-enhanced television series.   The series didn’t appear to be directly related to the original film though, with Betuel saying that it would be about ‘alien law enforcement.’  If the series actually goes into production and if the result is any good, all remains to be seen.  Most longtime fans would probably prefer that series somehow keep the original film’s continuity, even if it doesn’t directly feature the original characters.

Update 2020:  It has been five years since the “Starfighter Chronicles” announcement and… nothing ever happened.  In October of 2020 there was a new Blu-Ray release of “The Last Starfighter” from Arrow that was a wonderful upgrade over the poor transfer featured in Universal’s 2009 25th anniversary edition.  This Arrow version included new commentary tracks and other bonus content.

With the film again getting fresh publicity, writer Jonathan Betuel was interviewed about the status of a sequel.  He seemed to roll back the idea of a television series and played up that plans would now be for a formal theatrical movie sequel.  Back in 2018, Gary Whitta had mentioned working with Betuel on a sequel/reboot film (basically a passing-of-the-torch film of the kind that has been pretty commonplace with sequels to films from a generation ago).  Whitta shared some concept art that looked good but that project had been silent until Betuel mentioned his work with Whitta in an October 2020 interview.  This all seemed to relate to the same feature film project but details regarding how close the film was to actually getting into production remained sparse.

Update 2021:  Betuel and Whitta kept some momentum going a few weeks into 2021 when they dropped a promotional ‘trailer’ for “The Last Starfighters” on the internet.  It featured concept art edited together with a remix of Craig Safan’s score by composer Chris Tilton.  The result was at least an interesting teaser.  There’s little to go on from the art but it did feature Rylos, Gunstars (plural), and what appeared to be Alex with his Gunstar back at the trailer park.  Perhaps not-unsurprisingly, as Zando-Zan seems to kick things off in some fashion.

The trailer pulled at nostalgic heartstrings for sure.  Betuel and Whitta made some cryptic remarks saying that the project simply needed to be pushed ‘over the finish line’ to get production finally rolling.  We’ve heard these sorts of things before but hopefully this is finally the time it happens.

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22 thoughts on “Last Starfighter 2: Dangling Threads in “The Last Starfighter”

  1. I don’t care how long it’s been, I would pay good money to go see a movie that follows up the Last Starfighter. Maybe starring someone as Alex’s little brother, grown up following in his big brother’s footsteps. Come on people get it in gear, I want Starfighter 2.

    1. Same here i have the 25th anniversary edition i seen it i can’t count. I wish they would do the the part 2 andy son would like to see it too I’m 51 and my son is 16

  2. I love this movie. I have the original on Blu Ray. I would love to see a second one that was a little updated in the technology department, but starring someone like Louis, Alex Rogan’s little brother.

    Come on Hollywood, lets go. 25 years is enough. I want a new movie. But lets be clear here – I don’t want a Reboot, I want a movie that continues where the original left off, word for word, letter for letter, cast member for cast member. NO changes expect for in the tech areas and FX.

    I am a fan of this movie all the way.

  3. I agree… I just introduced the movie to my kids. I would not want to see a remake but a sequel. Though since Centauri can reboot his body after an injury, maybe another actor could fill that role… I was actually think Rutger Hauer.

  4. Any sequel would be complicated by the fact that not only Robert Preston but Dan O’Herlihy has also passed on. You would have to re-cast half of the characters.

  5. I agree. A sequel would be great. I loved the movie, but I am still trying to get the movie on Blu-Ray or DVD. I can’t find it at all, but I will keep on trying.

  6. The Last Starfighter has always been my favorite movie and I often wondered why they never made a part 2. I would loved it if they had.

  7. I recently wrote to the production company working on it… Secretly I was hoping that me and my friends were the only ones thinking about doing a sequel to this movie! They wrote back and basically said, ‘its in production, needs funds’. So, in other words, it is not funded.

    What worries me is that is sounds like a remake from what I’ve read. The possibilities for sequels are amazing, but a remake is not needed..

  8. Totally agree, no to a remake this movie, but they so need to make a sequel.

    It could be about the son of the last starfighter or even take off where the last one ended, if you believe in Einstein’s theory of time.

    You could go in many different directions.

    Whichever way they went with the story line, I would even go see it in 3-D and I don’t believe in the prices that they charge for 3-D. I have never gone to see a movie in 3-D because they charge way too much, but I would pay it for this sequel.

  9. “Tap tap tap tap” I’m still waiting!

    When will they fix this blasted video game machine so I can get back to Alex and ride my starfighter ship to the battle too!

    25 years waiting here was not enough? We’re going stir-crazy here waiting to pay to see that sequel. It had Better be good!

  10. All 4 are excellent points and will play well into the sequel. I’m just scared that the pretentious, one-dimensional and over-the-top effects that you see in films today won’t mar the (relative) earthy and feel-good aesthetic of the original.

  11. I remember seeing this movie as a young lad and loved it… I’m now 40 with a family of my own and had the privilege of seeing it again, and you know what I still loved every minute of this movie… As I was watching this movie I thought it would be awesome to see a remake of this movie… Especially with the technology we have today. Or maybe not a remake but a whole new story… Please let me know what you think of this idea. Maybe we can get the wheels turning on this project…

  12. The Last Starfighter has always been one of my all time favs!!! Well, I FINALLY bought it on iTunes and realized that Xur had actually escaped… Regardless of them showing Xur getting in the escape pod, the ships computer saying “emergency pod launched,” or even at the end where Xur’s father even mentions “Xur escaped” it just never sank in. Mind you I was born in 83 so i was pretty young when i saw it on VHS. Now that I’m 30 years of age, I’ve got to say, that I enjoyed the entire film as much as i did as a child, even the out-of-date special effects.

    Yet, now I’m left with the ultimate question… WHY DIDN’T THEY MAKE A PART 2 ALREADY?!?! Honestly, it seems Hollywood has no interest in making awesome sequels to such classics, but rather taking every classic film from the 80’s and remaking them into abominations, losing hoards of money in process…. So lets see it Hollywood, the long awaited Last Starfighter 2!!!

  13. (Sequel story idea submitted by commentator)

    Return to Rylos
    The New Star Fighter


    The Ending of Last Star Fighter –Xur escape, Alex Rogan and Maggie Leaving to outer space 21 years earlier, Louis Rogan, Alex younger brother is now grown up, to the approximate age of 35. He was given the classic Star Fighter Arcade Machine by Otis and later on moves to Texas opened a video game arcade in the medium size country town in Texas, due to the massive developments in videogame consoles. He is on the brink of losing his business and now must close his arcade. Louis keeps the Star Fighter game away from the public stored in back of his arcade away from the public now.

    Chapter 1
    Intro of Adam Cook

    (Opening Sequence)
    {Setting: Somewhere in, TEXAS}
    [22 years later] [2005]
    Schools out-
    (Sounds of the ringing bell)

    [Adam Cook a 17 year old teenager walks home and takes a short cut thru the woods to get home quickly. He crosses a park to his apartment complex then of he looks behind him and sees a school bus stopping to drop off people at the apartment complex. He notices that two of the people being dropped off is Joey and Josh the last to people he wants to see. Always picking on him and trying to start fights Joey and Josh and a major nuisance.]


    “Hey Adam”

    [Adam speaks to himself]

    “Not again…”

    [Joey says to Josh]

    “Lets’ get him”

    [Adam Starts Running]

    [Joey says to Josh]

    “Go around that way!”

    [Josh talks back to Joey]

    “I got him”

    [Adam runs and fakes out Josh.]


    “I’ll get him”

    [Joey gets a hold of Adam and is quickly hit in the nuts. Adam gets away to his side of the apartments and walks of the sidewalk. As he gets to the end of sidewalk he sees his father working on the old car again. ]

    “Hey dad, I’m home.”

    [Adams’ Father]

    “Oh hey son, have a good day?


    “Do I ever?” – (he mumbles quietly)

    [Adams’ Father]

    “I heard that . Things will get better when the time comes”

    [Adam says in a low voice]


    [Adams’ Father]

    “You’ll know when, and that’s when you have to take advantage of it, take it in your hands and hold on tight.”

    “Now go inside and do your homework”

    “I don’t’ have any.”

    [Adams’ Father]
    “Well I’ll be done here sometime today, I hope, damn thing keeps falling apart.”

    “You should just get another one dad.”

    [Adams’ Father]

    “Can’t afford it”

    [Adam says to himself]

    “Yeah… I know…seems like we can’t afford anything now a days”

    [Adam yells out]

    “Hey dad! You got any change?”

    [Adams Father]

    “Yeah…it’s my nightstand.”

    [Adam Goes to his father room and picks up change. There he notices a picture of his mother who has passed away. And picks it up]

    [Adam looking at the picture]

    “I miss you mom…”

    [Adam puts the picture back on the nightstand]

    [Adam walks outside where his father is still working on the car]

    “Well, I pops am going to the mall!”

    “I’ll be back later”

    [Adams Father]

    “You are walking?”

    “I’ll be done here shortly…”


    “Ah I’ll be okay”

    [Adams Father]
    “Okay son, be careful”

    Chapter 2
    The Mall Fight

    {Setting: The Mall}
    [Evening time – Friday night in a busy little mall. The arcade is busy with wild teenagers. Adam wonders around. Walks around the mall for awhile and walks into the Star Arcade looking at the classic arcade machines walks up to a 2D fighter game insert his coins and starts playing]

    [Joey speaks behind Adam]

    “Hey Adam”

    “Hey I am talking to you boy”

    [Adam says to himself]

    “Great here we go again”

    [Adam speaks out not looking back]

    “Leave me alone Joey”

    [Hears laughing- Adam turns around]


    “I didn’t tell you to look me.”

    [Adam turns back around]

    “Dude what did I ever do to you?”
    “Just leave me alone man.”
    “Stop bothering me.”


    “Well we aren’t in school now. And you got nowhere to run to”


    “Whatever Joey.”

    [Joey and Friends leave talking among themselves about fighting. Adam sees this is a good time to try to call home to get picked up. He walks out of the arcade and outside of the mall to the payphone. Calls home only gets rings. As he hangs up he looks around, it’s already dark outside. All of a sudden he gets hit in the back of the head with a piece of ice.]


    “Hey punk”


    “Go away Joey”

    [Adam turns around]


    “I didn’t tell you to turn around fool”


    “You have no rights to tell me what I can and can’t do Joey”
    “You can’t control me, so Back off”

    [Gets hit with another piece of ice by one of Joeys’ friends,]

    [Adam …sighs…]


    [Adam turns back around]

    [Right at that time he sees the mall security outside patrolling and sees this is a time to walk back inside. He gets back into the mall, Security passes by and Joey and friends surround him. People gather around chanting fight. With nowhere to run Adam makes a fist and hits Josh in the face, Joey right in the balls again, and his other friends grab his arms and starts hitting him. Joey gets up and punches Adam in the face. All of a sudden the mall security tries to make way thru the crowd, Joey, Josh and friends run out the mall doors, by standers help Adam up to his feet]


    “Hey man, you need to get out of here to.”


    “Na I’ll stay.”

    [Security stops next to Adam and several bystanders tell security]

    “They started it man we all saw it, this guy was just defending himself.”

    [Security guy calls up on the radio to try to catch Joey and his friends.]

    [Security guard]

    “You need some help”

    “No I’ll be okay.”

    [At that time Louis the Star Arcade looks around and sees Adam]


    “Come on dude, games are on the house for you.”

    Chapter 3
    Making Friends

    Louis Rogan and Friends


    Chapter 4
    Closing of the Mall and The Star Arcade

    Chapter 5
    Adam Discovers an odd game.

    Chapter 6
    Xur Revenge

    Chapter 7
    Adam Plays StarFighter

    Chapter 8
    The Name is Centarui

    Chapter 9
    The Return to Rylos

    Chapter 10

    Chapter 11
    Adams Father gets ill.

    Chapter 12
    Adam meets Alex

    Chapter 13
    Delta contacts Adam about his father illness

    Chapter 14
    Adam returns to Earth

    Chapter 15
    Delta and Adam plays a good joke on Joey

    Chapter 16
    Xur Attacks

    Chapter 17
    Alex final battle

    Chapter 18
    Adam returns to Rylos

    Chapter 19
    My name is Heuri

    Chapter 20
    The Cure

    Chapter 21
    Louis and Delta

    Chapter 22
    The New GunStar

    Chapter 23
    Attack on the planet of Xentar

    Chapter 24
    Adam Fights Xur

    Chapter 25
    The Lost Xentar Treasure

    Chapter 30
    Adams Returns Home

  14. I remember seeing The Last Starfighter at the drive-in when I was 9 years old. Seen a lot of the 80’s movies at the drive-in. I’m actually watching The Last Starfighter on Blu-ray right now. LOL. About all I watch is the old late 70’s and the 80’s movies. The 80’s are the best hands down. I have tons of the 80’s movies I have collected over the years. Another favorite is My Science Project.

    If they are going to remake The Last Starfighter they need to put Alex, Maggie, Lewis, Ms. Rogan (main characters) in the movie. Remakes are not that great without the original people. For example, the Red Dawn remake without the original characters was not good at all. I couldn’t even get into the new Red Dawn, let alone watch the whole thing. Some movies just can’t be re-made without the original characters. For example the new Knight Rider was was horrible. But then again, I have every episode of Knight Rider with Hasselhoff, all of the Airwolf episodes, and many others.

  15. No activity here since 2014. I say, take the original movie, freshen up the animation/graphics and re-release it. Then follow that up with a Starfighter 2.

  16. Why would it have to be around Alex, why not bring in his lil brother. Alex needs the new skills of his lil brother, he was playing the game when Alex left??

  17. Completely forgot I wrote this starting script so long ago, think it’s time to continue the story, seeing now that I am 40yrs old and have children of my own. I am open to suggestions and believe with proper time and dedication this script may one day actually come to life… who would buy it and direct it ??? Jerry Buckenhiemer or J J Aahams???

  18. As somebody from Nike would say, “Just Do it”! No reboot but sequel bring back Lance, Maggie & Grig have Alex rebuild which Xur resurfaces.

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