The Agent: A Serial Adventure

This is quite likely my first attempt to write fiction. It was a serial over several short writing assignments in high school. The inspiration would have likely come from James Bond and perhaps even a bit of the early MacGyver ‘opening gambits.’

Part I

The silence in the mountain air is quickly shattered as the passenger train barrels along on the winding mountain track. From a distance we can see two figures standing atop the train, as we move in we find that a chase of some sort is in progress.

A tall, medium-build man is being chased by slightly shorter, darker haired man. With a strong wind blowing toward them, the man in front has build a considerable lead, but the man in back is gaining considerably. As the train enters a tunnel, the strong gusting winds throws the front man off balance, knocking him off the train, forcing him to cling to a rail on the top of the train. The train quickly passes through the tunnel and the chase man makes his way up to the now desperately clinging lead man. The chase man approaches cautiously, yelling to lead man to give him his hand. The lead man has a desperate expression on his face, and stares back at the chase man, possibly considering what to do. Suddenly, the man must have decided, because he simply lets go of the rail falling into the abyss of the valley far below.

The chase man stands up, shocked by what has just occurred. He had been tracking the man for capture on federal drug trafficking charges. His chase had nearly ended on the train ride, as he approached the man to finally arrest him the man fled to the roof, and that’s where the rooftop chase began.

Now he would have to report back to his superiors. His mission had been a total failure, and he knew it. For Timothy McMillian, it was just another day, just another case for the FBI.

Part II

Timothy McMillian felt the soft, fresh snow blow into his face as he raced down the mountain slopes. McMillian was chasing Jim Dover, a convicted bank robber who had pulled the biggest bank heist in South Carolina history, and who had recently escaped a maximum-security prison in New York. Dover then fled to the Swiss Alps, with part of the money from his failed bank robbery, which he had conveniently hidden in one of his safe houses in South Carolina.

McMillian had been assigned by the FBI to track down and capture Dover. He had thought it would be a simple track-and-capture mission, but as what happens with most of his missions it has turned out to be a lot more.

The FBI had received a tip-off, from one of Dover’s accomplices that he fled to Switzerland. The FBI sent Agent McMillian to Switzerland, and in numerous occasions he nearly captured Dover. But, unfortunately Dover seemed to be just one step ahead of the game, as he eluded McMillian time and time again. McMillian’s luck suddenly changed as he neared capture of Dover at an exclusive Swiss ski resort high in the Alps. As he approached Dover to arrest him, Dover fled to a system of back hills near the ski resort. The hills were not surveyed and very rocky, for this reason, the hills are considered extremely dangerous. Because of his sense of duty, and his dislike of an uncompleted mission, McMillian embarked down the mountain after Dover.

The powdery snow was still fresh from the previous night’s evening snow. McMillian had just lept down to the hill, and from a distance could see Dover, with a considerable lead about a hundred and fifty yards down the mountain. The wind was blowing strong against McMillian’s back as he came around a clearing. The wind helped to propel him even faster down the mountain, so fast in fact, that because his ski goggles weren’t in place.

Part III

Timothy McMillian felt the pain rip through his shoulder. He grabbed tightly against it, as though he was thinking it would stop the pain, it didn’t.

He was sitting, barricaded against a desk, in some V.I.P.’s office. He had just been shot by a terrorist who had been holding hostages in the elite Christen Building in downtown New York. When the situation had turned critical, and the terrorist had threatened to execute hostages one by one unless his demands were met, the FBI sent McMillian in.

He had crawled through some air ducts, but must have been detected, because the terrorist shot into the office which McMillian had just jumped down into. McMillian had known he was shot from the intense pain he had felt.
His situation now was that his walkie-talkie had been blasted apart when the terrorist opened fire, and the only gun he had, had been thrown across the room when he was shot because his whole arm jerked back in an involuntary motion flinging it to a back corner of the room.

The terrorist’s situation was a completely different story. He was heavily armed, but appeared to be working alone. The hostages looked o.k. except for one, that was laying on the floor either dead or unconscious. At present time, he was holding one of the hostages at gunpoint, while yelling threats to McMillian that if he made a move everyone would die. The terrorist must have believed that McMillian was still armed or he would have come over and finished him off right then. McMillian had a dark situation on his hands.

To be able to rescue the hostages he would have to lunge over to the other side of the room to get his gun, then he would have to fire at the terrorist, hoping he wouldn’t hit the hostage in the cross fire. Since the gun was across the room, he would be exposed to the terrorist’s sight for a few seconds as he ran over to pick it up. This complicated matters even more. McMillian thought to himself wondering if this was the only way, and after a few short seconds, reached a decision.

What was McMillian’s decision? Find out in the our next exciting chapter!

Part IV

McMillian had reached his decision. He was going to run to the corner of the room, and grab the gun before the terrorist could have a chance to hurt anyone. He understood that he would be momentarily in the sights of the terrorist, but he thought that his life, and needs were below that of the hostages.

The terrorist was still yelling threats to McMillian, as he lunged toward the gun. The terrorist only had a quick moment to respond and the only shot he could get off was a lone miss.

McMillian landed safely in the corner and gripped the gun tightly. The corner had provided a nice nook for him to hide in safely. He held the gun up, and prepared to run around the corner, hopefully shooting the terrorist.

The terrorist was yelling threats to McMillian again, but McMillian just blocked them out of his mind. With a quick turn he whipped his body around so that he was facing the terrorist. He fired twice, hitting the terrorist in the stomach and the shoulder. The terrorist must have been expecting him though, because he was able to avoid further fire by running and crouching behind a desk in a nearby office.

McMillian knew that this was his big chance. He yelled to the hostages to leave the building, which they did quite quickly. He approached the office that the terrorist was in, holding his gun up close near his head. As he came around the office corner he came face to face with the terrorist. The man was bleeding, and appeared unarmed. He slowly looked at McMillian and then suddenly he lunged at the gun McMillian was holding.

What happens next? Find out in the conclusion, Episode 5!


Part V

The terrorist was pinned in the corner.

This was McMillian’s big chance! He approached the corner that the terrorist was in clutching his pistol tightly. As McMillian stood over the terrorist, he looked straight into his eyes.

Suddenly, the terrorist leapt at McMillian. McMillian’s gun flew out of his hand as the terrorist landed a blow to his arm. In the struggle that ensued, both men fell to the ground. Over and over, the men struck each other. Over and over, each man took the pain in seemingly unfeeling style.

McMillian finally forced the terrorist into submission. After a series of punches, the terrorist lay unconscious

McMillian yelled out the building’s second story window to the police below, telling them that the terrorist had been captured. The police rushed into the building to arrest the unconscious terrorist.

As the terrorist was being loaded into the police car, McMillian got into his own car. On his long drive home, McMillian reviewed in his mind the day’s events. It had been a long day. His case had been a success, the hostages were freed and the terrorist captured. One more case done. One case, in a long line of cases that McMillian would face.

Episode VI – On the High road

Special Note: This is an All-New adventure!

The tires squealed as the car rounded the corner. FBI agent Timothy McMillian was in pursuit.

The criminal who McMillian is after had just robbed the 2nd street bank in downtown Manhattan. The man’s name is Milton R. Givens. The FBI had been following Givens for months, believing him to be behind a sudden surge of bank robberies in New York. The investigation had seemed to be going nowhere, when suddenly the FBI learned from its sources that Givens would be striking a bank in Manhattan. McMillian was one of the agents stationed at the 2nd street bank when Givens struck.

As givens fled the bank with the money, McMillian was right behind him in pursuit. Givens was now speeding down 42nd St, making his way to the Lincoln tunnel.

It was 5:00 in the afternoon and rush hour was in full swing. The traffic was surprisingly brisk through and Givens was slowly building a lead over McMillian and the rest of the agents.

The chase had been steadily increasing in speed and McMillian was worried about any possible accidents that may occur if Givens wasn’t stopped. McMillian’s fears quickly became reality as he looked further down the road. A woman was crossing the street a block ahead and Givens’s car showed no signs of slowing for her.

To be continued (and concluded) next chapter!

Episode VI – Part 2 – The Conclusion

Special Note: Last chapter, Agent McMillian was on the chase of bank robber Larry Givens. Our story picks up just as Givens is about to hit an old woman with his car as she crosses the street.

McMillian saw the woman crossing the street and was horrified. He knew that the woman would be hit by Givens’s speeding car. Right before the car hit the woman, there was a stroke of luck. Givens swerved into the other lane to avoid the woman, hitting an oncoming car in the process.

From McMillian’s view, it looked like no one was hurt in the accident. The FBI agents were about to approach the car to arrest Givens, when he pulled out a gun.

The agents didn’t see the gun when they approached the car. Givens shot at one of the agents, wounding him. Then, before he could get off another shot, the rest of the agents jumped on top of him.

Givens struggled to get away from the agents, but was held secure. The agents escorted him to their car and he was taken back to headquarters.

McMillian stayed behind to help the paramedics with the motorist Givens had hit. The man was apparently O.K.

It had been a hard day for McMillian and all he could think of was sleep as he headed home.

Episode VII – Part 1 – Staying Afloat

The sun came out from in back of a cloud and shone brightly down on agent Timothy McMillian’s boat. McMillian was spending the day fishing, but wasn’t having much luck at it.

While he appeared to be on vacation, that wasn’t true. McMillian was on a surveillance assignment, checking out a recent rash of fires in a river resort community near St. Louis.

The residents’ reports had said that there had been 5 fires in the last 3 months and they were sure it was more than coincidence. McMillian had been sent to see if there was anything behind the reports.

It had been a slow afternoon, but as the day rolled down to an end, activity picked up. McMillian could see some movement in the woods near his rental cabin. As the minutes passed, the strangers got closer to the cabin.

While McMillian gazed at the strangers, he heard a window crash. After the crash, he heard something land on the floor. McMillian jerked his head around in horror to see a grenade. McMillian broke into a run, sprinting down the cabin’s hallway. Just as he rounded a corner for the door, there was a bang. An explosion followed, ripping the cabin to shreds!

Editor’s Note: Part II of Episode 7 has not been located and may not exist; the story does pick up in some fashion Episode 8, although that story could have been intended to stand alone apart from this one.

Episode VIII

Special Note: At the suggestion of one of our most loyal readers, this will be the last episode of “The Agent” this year.

A wave of water drenched FBI agent Timothy McMillian as his boat sped down the river.

McMillian was in pursuit of three accused murders who had fled a crime scene. The three men had ran to a nearby river and escaped in a speed boat.

McMillian had run after them and was chasing them in a speed boat of his own.

Agent McMillian approached from behind the suspects’ boat cautiously. As he came near to the bat, one of the men pulled out gun and fired. The bullet missed McMillian, but hit his boat’s engine and caused it to smoke.

McMillian was close enough to the suspects’ boat now to fire some shots of his own at them. His first shot managed to knock the gun from the one man’s hand. The gun flew into the water. The next two shots hit each of the other men in the leg. Both men fell down in pain.

The one man was left standing. McMillian left from his own boat to the suspects’ boat. He managed to grab the legs of the remaining man as he landed in the boat. McMillian then wrestled the man to the floor.

Just then, the other FBI agents arrived to apprehend the men. For agent Timothy McMillian, the case was closed.

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