Sean Connery & Me: Man Who Would Be King

I headed up to Hollywood this evening for AFI’s 2008 “Night at the Movies” and immediately had an odd time parking in one of the event’s designated lots. In this case, I was the lot for CNN’s L.A. building and the design was jacked up. They had me double-park in the ramp and leave keys with valet-type guys on each floor.

The ‘festival attire’ mentioned on the ticket was not necessarily followed and I was somewhat over-dressed.

I inadvertently walked past 6 security guys at various points and ended up on the red carpet arrival area for VIPs and then looked foolish backtracking.  If you walk with a purpose and don’t look threatening, you’d be surprised how far you can get in life.  I realized that I was on the wrong side upon seeing the metal barricades and was like ‘Oh no!’ when I saw photographers.

Once I finally ended up inside, I ate a lot of popcorn and drank a fair amount of Coke.  It came with the ticket, so I had my ‘fair share’. We waited.  And waited.

Sean Connery ran about 30 minutes late due to the ‘press tent’ tying up his time.  The chairman of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, introduced him.  And Sean looked darn good when he finally arrived.  He told a few stories from the film about to be shown – “The Man who would be King” – and ended on a nice note about how well his character works with Michael Caine in it.  The movie was quite good. I’d not seen it and it turned out to be an interesting morality tale of sorts.


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