The Pickup Artist and Concept Feedback

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While walking to my car after Producer class this evening, I remembered that I’d left a water bottle in the classroom theatre and headed back inside.  What did I find when I arrived?

Well, my water bottle and, oddly, 90% of the class was still there and seated in the same spots as before.  Our instructor was lecturing along almost like the class had never ended a few minutes before.

I was really, really confused by this situation and had a downright ‘deja vu’ moment.

But, eventually I took a seat again and soon realized the he was going over all of the creative project proposals that had been submitted as our assignment the prior week!   Everyone who was there stayed until almost 10:30pm in order to hear all of the feedback.

However, I learned the following:

  • In 2.5 months, our final will involve ‘pitching’ a TV or Film concept to 7 different producers and/or executives whom the instructor is going to invite over.
  • It was very uncomfortable in the room as he went over his feedback meant for individuals, but delivered in front of everyone.
  • When he got to me, he didn’t laud me with praise like he did a couple of classmates.  Then again, he didn’t verbally body-slam me to the pavement like he did a couple of other people’s concepts.  My feedback was pretty much ho-hum middle of the road.

The finale for this crazy, tense night end?  It was the story idea of a random guy who wanted to tell the ‘real life story’ of pick-up artists.

My antennae went up on this concept, as a year ago I’d read an article in Rolling Stone magazine about a former-Rolling Stone article writer named Neil Strauss who had written a New York Times-bestselling book entitled “The Game.”  That book was about his life as a pick-up artist and the secret pick-up artist sub-culture that had exploded in size due to the internet.

It turns out that the classmate was in the book.  In fact, he was significantly featured in the book.  There was apparently even a chapter about him using the group’s tricks to get Paris Hilton’s phone number at some fast food place while he was in line with her.  His website – which is just a link to his My Space page – had photos of him with a bunch of Playboy playmates and Paris herself.

So what has he done with his life in the couple of years since the book came out?  It seems that the dude is now the CEO of a company that does ‘training session’ and sells videos, etc. to aspiring pickup artists.  I was stunned and weirded out thinking “Holy cow, I’ve been sitting near this guy who I’d read about in Rolling Stone.”