Open Ended Stories, Religion, and The Man from Earth Review

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I like a good Biblical slant to a story. Certainly one of the reasons that I adored “Lost” was how it hinted at Old Testament stories, such as Cain and Abel. By the same token, my tastes have not really gravitated to fiction that significantly contradicts or seeks to undermine Biblical claims. I prefer to […]

USC Application Essays

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Selections of note from application essays to the University of Southern California. 1.  Why do you wish to pursue an MBA degree? How will the experience at the Marshall School of Business assist you in achieving your short-term and long-term professional goals? Computers have been a part of my life since before I started elementary […]

4-H Generations

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Originally published in “The Land” magazine on June 4, 2004. With the county fair season fast approaching, 4-Hers like Krystal Lonning of the Bath-Geneva club are already well into raising their lambs.  As Lonning enters her forth year in the market lamb project, she takes part in a livestock program that has seen steady change […]

The Problem of Evil

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This is one in a series of papers that I wrote for either religion or philosophy classes.  These give a glimpse into some common debates and my perspectives on them at that time. The Problem of Evil is so incredibly simple to realize and at the same time mind-numbingly impossible to solve.  By its logic, […]